Blue-Green Tourmaline Facet Rough 15.1 Grams (#168p)

Item: Tourmaline (#168p)
Color: Blue-Green 
Size: 60.71x10.74x10.61 mm
Origin: Brazil 
Weight: 75.50 Cts/ 15.1 Grams


This is truly a stunning piece one of the best Tourmaline pieces we have here at unlimted-gems, with amazing color good size and clarity but near one end is fractured this will need to be clipped off.


The rest of the stone is clean. I imagine myself cutting three stones from this one piece of rough. It is large and bulky enough to cut an amazing matching set. It does not have a Open C axis but with a bit of light the stone comes to life.


Blue-Green Tourmaline Facet Rough 15.1 Grams (#168p)


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