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Item: Tourmaline (Lot 3)
Color: Pakistan Green
Size: 18.72x12.11x11.72 mm
Origin: Afghanistan   
Weight: 26.00 Cts/ 5.2 Grams 
Clarity: 35% Clean 
Price: $1.53 Per Ct/ $7.69 Per Gram 

Killer large pice of Tourmaline, just over 5.00 Grams and under $10.00 Per gram you cannot lose on this piece, the color is amazing. It is 100% Translucent and very gemmy, this piece is heavily included but yet has some clean areas and a minor fracture in the middle.  

Tourmaline Facet/Cabbing Rough (Lot 3)

$49.99 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price
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